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Newsgroups about RC model airplanes:
rec.models.rc.air   rec.models.rc.helicopters   rec.models.misc   rec.models.scale   de.rec.modelle.misc   it.hobby.modellismo

Mailing lists
English: The E Zone (ezonemag)   International Soaring Association   modelairplanenews   FAI soaring   lrk-torquemax homebuild e-motors  
French: electron-libre   avion-rc   planeur-rc   rcsm-list  

General interest:
Beginners   A collection of links for those who just started the hobby
Miscellaneous   Aerodynamics, Image Archives, CAD software, Drawings and more
Organizations   National and International Organizations for RC pilots

European links:
The Netherlands   Dutch model shops  
Austria  Belgium  Croatia  Cyprus  Czech Republic  Denmark  Finland  France  Germany  Greece  Hungary  Iceland  Ireland  Italy  Latvia  Lithuania  Malta  Norway  Poland  Portugal  Russia  Slovenija  Spain  Sweden  Switzerland  Turkey  UK  Ukraine  Yugoslavia 

Non European:
 The most interesting links from all over the world, specially collected for you.
Africa  Asia  Australia  Canada  Japan  South America  USA 
Other Non European Should be moved onto one of the pages above.

Jet links:
 All links found here have some relation to jets, turbines or pulsejets
General  Manufacturers  Pulsejet 

Not RC related links:
Formula One  Weather  Photography  Diverse 

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