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The first 15 PH-Klu PHantasy in Blue models
jet engined modelsother models
Gloster Meteor F.Mk IV
PHB Gloster Meteor
Hiller Raven OH-23 ( boxer heli)
PHB Hiller Raven
Republic Thunderjet F-84G
PHB Thunderjet
Marinus van Meel de Grote Brik
Grote Brik
Rebublic Thunderstreak F-84F
PHB Thunderstreak Thunderstreak
Thunderstreak nosewheel
Fokker D-VII
Fokker D-VII
Hawker Hunter F.Mk IV
PHB Hawker Hunter PHB Hawker Hunter
PHB Hawker Hunter
Fokker C-IV
Fokker C-IV
North American Sabre F-86K
PHB Sabre
Fokker T-V
Fokker T-V
Lockheed F-104G-Starfighter
PHB Starfighter
Fokker D-XXI
PHB Fokker D-XX1
  Fokker G-1a
Fokker G-1a
  Brewster Buffalo 
Brewster Buffalo: in Dutch service
  Glenn Martin 139/WH3
Glenn Martin 139/WH3
also tail section of Fokker T-V

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