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My first steps into the electro jet impeller world.

Currently two planes are nearly finished

The Alphajet and the Airtoi twin pibros

Both planes are powered with speed 480 and an 8-cell battery pack

 Hoellein Alphajet by AFF 

This model was built from a kit available from Hoellein.
Wingspan is only 90 cm, length is 90 cm too.

The impeller is a WeMoTec Mini-Fan with a speed 480 race BB.

The model is covered with AS-film from Auch Folien (two test sheets , each of 75cm), except for the cockpit (Oracover).

Room for servos and receiver was CNC precut in the 10 mm balsa fuselage

Battery pack will be an 8 cell Sanyo 1250 mAh, giving a thrust of 3.56 N or 372 gramforce as tated by WeMoTec.
Self measured static thrust was 440 gramforce
My models weight is 810 grams resulting in a thrust to weight ratio of 0.54

 Airtoi pibros with 2x Rojet 

The Airtoi pibros delta, cut from 5.5 mm depron before assembly with white power tape

Wingspan is 96 cm
Weight will be around 1100 grams

Two Robbe Rojets on motormount

Motor: speed 480 race
Battery: 8-cell 2400 mAh pack
Static thrust for the twinset before tuning the air-inlets was 430 grams using a 7-cell battery pack
Using an 8-cell pack and inlets formed, but not yet optimized: 640 gramforce static thrust

Inlet: homemade from carbon fibre reinforced epoxy, covered with depron

on the right: detail of motormount
the second nut is not fixed, making small declination corrections possible

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