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 Official results as given by the president of the Pampa Model Fighters

  Pilot Plane Engine
1 Marijn Penninx F86D Sabre AMT NL Pegasus
2 Bert van der Vecht DH108 Swallow Jetcat
3 Philip Avonds F15-Eagle AMT NL Pegasus
4 Dotzauer Eurofighter Jet cat
5 Arno Knell P59 Aircomet Home built
Best flight Mark Leavesley BVM Bandit AMT NL Pegasus
Best electro Dirk Wouters TA-183 ???
Biggest model Gert Rheinsch Airheinsch Gnat AMT NL Mercury
Best sport model Jim Fox Kangaroo Simjet
Best ducted fan Steve Brett Polaris ???
Best turbine Bennie van de Goor He 163 Salamander AMT NL Pegasus
Best civilian Kuhlman Skyjet ???
Best military Wim Reinders Avonds F-104G AMT NL Mercury
Longest travel Mario Pirotti Hot spot ???
Smallest model Niek Wierda Pibros sp300 EDF Homebuild
Most unlucky Wolfgang Mrotzek F-22 AMT NL Pegasus

 Pictures made at Jets over Pampa 2000 

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f1-05k.jpg f1-06k.jpg
PHantasy in Blue line up

Left picture:
Hawker Hunter.

Right picture:
in the foreground the NF-5 of Leon Bimbergen, AMT NL Olympus
Second plane: North American F-86K "SABRE", built by Marijn Penninx, the winner of the first price.
Wingspan 2.38 m, lenght 2.49 m. weight 17 kg, Max speed 250 km/h, AMT NL Pegasus
The third plane (just the nose visible) is the Ph Blue F-84 Thunderstreak, AMT NL Pegasus

Best civilian award, Skyjet from Kuhlman Modellbau

f2-30k.jpg f3-33k.jpg
Gert Rheinsch, Gnat 2000
Biggest model award with a wingspan of 2.20 m , a length of 2.30 m and a weight of 12 kg (dry weight)
The model is powered by an AMT NL Mercury and completely made from balsa covered with paper

f1-03k.jpg f1-04k.jpg


Dieter Tolkemit: home made delta with BEHOTEC turbine
Normally equipped with a pulse engine, but here adapted for turbine use.

Mike Cherry , Philip Avonds F-15 kit, powered wit AMT NL Mercury

f1-09k.jpg f1-10k.jpg
Bruce Oxley, a Canadian living in The Netherlands, Avonds F15 kit
Made the turbine (KJ66 based), exhaust and landing gear himself
On the right side in the background of the left picture you can see the Gnat 2000 of Gert Rheinsch.

As stated on Bruces Home Page (see JetLinks): "It uses the Mini Hobby Controller for the turbine ,very simple device which regulates the speed of spool-up ,makes sure the temperature remains at a safe level and also limits the min.,max rpm.The air brakes are controlled by the German controller (Jet-tronics) which allows proportional braking."

f1-11k.jpg f2-10k.jpg
New F16-C kit for 8 to 12 kg (17-27 lbs.) thrust engine
designed by Eric Rantet from Aviation Design
Scale 1:6.8, wing span over missiles 1.47 m, lenght 2.21 m
weight 11 kg with missiles and AMT NL Pegasus turbine

f1-12k.jpg f2-09k.jpg
A7 Corsair II, wingspan 2 m, lenght 2.38 m
AMT NL Pegasus turbine
Pilot: Bruno Ernesti from RC-Tronics Modellbau Germany

f1-07k.jpg f1-08k.jpg
Mark Leavesley, BVM Bandit with AMT NL Pegasus

f3-04k.jpg f1-14k.jpg
SAAB AJ 37 VIGGEN Scale 1: 8.2
GFK fuselage, Styropor Balsa Wings
HAWE landing gear, Multiplex MC 4000
7 Servos + Wingo + ECU - Turbine Simjet 85+
Fuel consumption ca. 2 lt.Kerosin with 4% Turbine-oil / 6 min.
Weight 10.5 kg + 2,4 lt. Kerosin
Currently no series production

Friedhelm Schäfer
Hindenburgstrasse 218
41061 Mönchengladbach

f3-01k.jpg f3-12b.jpg f3-16k.jpg
f3-34k.jpg f3-35k.jpg f3-13k.jpg
Wim Reinders, Avonds Starfighter F104-G with AMT NL Mercury

f3-05k.jpg f1-15k.jpg f1-16k.jpg
Ali Mashinchy Jr., Avonds F-15 with AMT NL Mercury HP

f3-08k.jpg f3-09k.jpg
Hot spot

f3-10k.jpg f3-11k.jpg
Philip Avonds's F15-Eagle with AMT NL Pegasus turbine

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