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 New F-22 pictures added 

All pictures from Jets over Pampa 1999
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p99f104k-1.jpg p99f104k-2.jpg p99f104k-3.jpg
Wim Reinders, Avonds Starfighter F104 with AMT Mercury turbine

rafael1 p99rafk-0.jpg p99rafk-1.jpg
Rafale , pilot Godfried Lemmens
Aviation Design Kit with AMT Olympus turbine

Rear view of Philip Avonds's F-15 with AMT Pegasus turbine

f15-u1k1.jpg f15-u2k.jpg f15-tok.jpg
Philip Avonds F-15, left and middle picture: Philip Avonds, right picture: Richard Jeunen

p99stak-1.jpg black1
Two times a take off
Right picture: Geoff Wallace, Avonds F-15 with AMT Mercury turbine

Mike Gay e-mailed me about the left picture:

Kangaroo with Sophia Precision turbine
The pilots name is Paul Gray, he is the UK importer of the sophia j850 turbine

mark1.jpg mark2.jpg
Mark Leavesley and his team with detail of tail section of their BVM Bandit
BVM Bandit, powered with an AMT Pegasus turbine

Beautifull A-10 powered with two electro ducted fans
The model was manufactured by JéPé Fiberatelier (Jean Paul Schlösser). See Jet related links for his homepage.

prep1k.jpg prepr1k.jpg

F-22 Raptor designed and built by Wolfgang Mrotzek and powered by an AMT Pegasus.
Wingspan 1.35 m, length 1.95m, take-off weight 15 kg.
Carbon-fiber fuselage, balsa parts skinned with carbon-fiber.
Foam wings with carbon-fiber reinforcement.

The guy in the center is Klaus Schumacher, the pilot of a 22 kg thrust AMT Olympus powered F-22. Unfortunately there is no picture from this 'Shooting Star of Helchteren'. His machine is almost everywhere carbon-fiber reinforced.

On the right in the background the YF-22 of Andreas Unterbusch also powered with AMT Pegasus.
His plane is completely made of Balsa, but a litlle to heavy (17 kg)
End october 1999 Andreas made a test-flight with a new F-22 Raptor from Wolfgnag Mrotzek.

Here are the pictures (all © Andreas Unterbusch) of this machine that he will fly at Pampa 2000.

f-22side2-k.jpg f-22oberfl-k.jpg f-22front-k.jpg f-22pegasus-k.jpg f-22side-k.jpg
Scale of the modell is 1:10.
Wingspan 1.35 m, length 1.90m, take-off weight 15.5 kg (with 3 litres of kerosene).

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