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(Federatie Modelvliegers Spaarnwoude)
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pcd1-10 The FMS is a federation of model pilots, using a grass airfield (about 300 by 300 meters) in a recreation area called Spaarnwoude. Spaarnwoude is situated between Velsen, Amsterdam, Halfweg and Haarlem. The airfield can be reached from the road IJmuiden/Amsterdam, which is parallel to the Noordzeekanaal, the waterway that connects Amsterdam to the sea.
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Our federation has about 180 members, therefore being (one of) the biggest in The Netherlands.
You are always welcome at our field.
When the weather is not too bad, you have a good chance to meet people there.

pcd1-43b Most planes are equipped with 2-stroke our 4-stroke engines (1,5 cc to 25 cc and more). but also soaring is done as well as flying heli's. Larger models (with 5- or 9-cylinder star engines) are spotted regulary. Even a model equipped with a Schreckling turbine, scratch builded and tuned by the owner.
All models are radio controlled. No line or free flight models seen yet.

Spectators (sometimes a lot) may look at the flying from within a 'steel wire cabine', a safe place to be next to our pits, so the models can be seen from a very short distance.

Flying Rules are perhaps a little dull, but they are here to give you an impression of how things are organized. These rules are only available in Dutch, I will not translate them. Amonst other things they handle about noise limits and security rules.

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Contact adresses:
The secretary:
Wouter van Schaijck
0251 317701
The treasurer:
Jaap van den Berg
Sleutelbloem 2
1902 GD Castricum
025 1654963
The president:
John Loog
023 5380273

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